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Value Engineering (VE) or Value Management (VM) is a function-oriented, systematic team approach to improve the quality, or ‘value’ of a product/service, to optimize the performance and to reduce Total Life Cycle Cost of a project.

Value of a product or service is defined as the ratio of function to cost. Value engineering, therefore, aims at reducing the costs of a project, while enhancing or preserving the basic functionality.

Value Methodology offers the following benefits:
Qserve Qatar Value Engineering (VE) Services
Qserve Qatar is internationally recognized as a leader in the practice of Value Engineering in the Gulf region and is a member of SAVE International (Society of American Value Engineers). Our Value Management team members are Certified Value Specialists (CVS), the highest certification awarded by SAVE International. Qserve Qatar VE team has developed and applied several VE principles across the Middle East, thus helping our clients enhance their projects, and save precious resources.

Over the years, we have gained expertise in the application, instruction and writing procedures of Value Management to meet our clients’ requirements in various different industrial and commercial facilities. Through our experience, acquired over the years, we have developed quality design models by applying Quality Function Deployment Techniques (QFD) to ensure that the expressed design criteria for a facility incorporates the functional goals and needs of the end users of the facility.

We also offer Value Engineering workshops, training programs, courses and seminars, conducted by our CVS.

Comprehensive Value Management services we offer:

Benefits of engaging Qserve Qatar Value Engineering Services

Qserve Qatar Value Engineering services can add enhancement and cost control for your projects by adding the following benefits:

With our services, our clients have achieved:

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